We have amassed over 3 years of professionalism in customer needs identification and satisfaction, corporate investment advisory services, property market analysis, real estate portfolio management and diversification.

Davino Africa Real Estate Services has developed sufficient confidence in real estate construction Works. We pride ourselves in the quality of the investment opportunities we present and the management service that we provide. Combining our local knowledge with international business practices, we have the ability to ensure that your property acquisition and management is undertaken accurately. We believe you should partner with us because we are uniquely positioned to serve the diverse real estate related needs of property owners, financial institutions, and real estate investors.

With our service delivery platform that is able to draw on resources of the entire Roakim organization, Davino Africa is able to quickly assess assignments, develop strategy, and execute a plan that meets the individual needs of each client.

As an experienced property developer and manager, we believe in delivering services that will positively affect the value of the property. Our work covers land negotiations and acquisition, residential/commercial development and real estate investment.

Real Estate Services

To help people realize their aspirations for the pride of ownership, comfort, security and wealth through the provision of excellent homes and the will to provide homes for all classes of society with a focus on the neglected populace in respect to government housing programs.

Building & Construction

We are engaged in building and construction services. From translating the blueprint on your mind to an architectural drawing and into a physical edifice.

Smart Home Technology

We incorporate carefully crafted world-class smart automated building management system which enables you to use either your smartphone (IOS/Android) or touch sensor panel to control all electrical or mechanical appliances in the building.